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StoneKey Estates:  We believe there is a need for affordable lake living.  StoneKey Estates can provide this.  Please shoot us an email and we will forward you information on this proposed lake view development.  KeystoneRealtyInfo@gmail.com

Thank you RM of Tache for bringing forward resolution #25 to bring fairness to businesses regarding school tax exemptions.  This is a great step ... next assessments ... why tax farmers at 26% and other businesses at 65% of assessed value.  Commercial business and farm business need to be treated equally.  Fay 18-11-15.

Travel Manitoba has a interactive visitor's centre at The Forks, Winnipeg.  You won't find Pelican Lake (the largest navigable lake in SW Manitoba) there just yet, but our local Development Officer is working on it.  26.10.15

There is not one person on the entire planet, Fay, better prepared to hire a salesperson and rock their own brokerage firm, than you. All that you've been through has created the perfect storm of possibilities for their imminent and inevitable manifestation.
There've been no accidents or mistakes, Fay, only guts and genius.
Yeah, guts -
    The Universe Tut Friend  March 10, 2015

"Great leaders and great organizations are good at seeing what most of us can't see.  They are good at giving us things we would never think of asking for."  Simon Sinek

My life and government experience is incomparable in the real estate market.  I'm resourceful, compassionate and committed.  I love to create opportunities.  Fay McEachern

Throughout the four year term of an elected official there is many learning opportunities.  I sincerely hope the RM of Priairie lakes officials take the time to attend these PD days and also to create their vision for our new municipality.  As without vision and a plan our municipality will not be all it can be.  We have the largest navigable lake in south west Manitoba.  Some may find it, others never heard of it but its vast potential remains.  Fay McEachern 26-11-14 Revised 02-05-16



Announcing our new REALTORS*

Stephanie Leung, REALTOR*, started with Keystone Realty in March 2015.  Contact Steph directly at (204) 215-0006 or email leungs@live.com.  Ninette is home but Stephanie is familiar with SW Manitoba. 

Trisha McEachern, REALTOR, started with Keystone Realty in March 2015.  Contact Trish directly at (204) 720-9470 or email trishaMcE@live.ca.  Brandon is home for Trisha.  She looks forward to servicing clients in and around the Brandon area. 

Welcome Trisha & Stephanie

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